Waldo's is run by a core group of volunteers who believe in enjoying community, fostering creativity, and advancing culture in Gettysburg. 

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Our Mission

To educate and benefit the Gettysburg community through the arts while advocating for local artists and providing a substance-free, creative environment

Our Story

Our origin story is a long one, so if you really want all the juicy details just stop by and ask one of our volunteers.  If not, here's the condensed version:

 Waldo's was started by a handful of artists who wanted a space to create art and enjoy community. Our desire was to develop a creative environment where people from all different backgrounds could come together in pursuit of enjoying community, fostering creativity, and advancing culture.  Waldo's was built and continues to be run by volunteers who are passionate about seeing a vibrant arts community in Gettysburg. We've continued to evolve and grow to meet the needs of our artists, while learning a lot along the way. Our journey has taken us from a rag-tag bunch of artists in an old detail garage to a new location in the heart of Gettysburg, where we continue to be a rag-tag group of artists. We are fully self-sufficient, not dependent on grants or large outside contributions, but rather on proceeds from our donation-based coffee bar, events, and studio artists. In this way, we plan on continuing to provide low cost access to art equipment and being a hub of creative activity for years to come.