Waldo's Trade Shop

One of the main ways that we support local artists and facilitate creativity is by providing low-cost access to fine art equipment.  Community members can gain access to the Trade Shop by signing up for a daily, monthly, or yearly membership. With the monthly and yearly rates, the cost is just a little over $1 per day!


Before becoming a Trade Shop member, all individuals will need to complete a training and safety class. This class gives you the info you will need to use our space and equipment safely. Cost is $25/person. Trade Shop members have access to the facility during our open hours Wed - Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 8am-11pm.

  • Daily — $15

  • Monthly — $30

  • Yearly — $300


Trade Shop Equipment

  • Block-Printing Studio

  • Screen Printing Station

  • Darkroom

  • Printing Press

  • Ceramics Studio

  • General Workspace